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Meet Lunasmall-dog-icon


Name: Luna

Breed: German Shepherd

Level: 2

Luna is a remarkable 15-month-old female German Shepherd with a sleek all-black coat that’s as striking as her personality. Despite her young age, Luna already shows a natural inclination towards being an excellent family protection dog. Her gentle and friendly demeanor makes her a perfect companion for children and other dogs, showcasing her caring nature and adaptability. Luna’s potential for training is evident, as she is deemed suitable for level 2 training, demonstrating her intelligence and eagerness to learn and grow.

With Luna by your side, you can feel confident in your family’s safety and well-being. Her protective instincts, combined with her sociable and amiable temperament, make her an ideal fit for any family looking for a loyal and loving canine companion. Whether playing with kids, socializing with other dogs, or advancing her skills in level 2 training, Luna’s bright and promising future as a family protection dog shines through, promising a bond that will only grow stronger with time.

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