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the trident way, the elite way small-dog-icon

Fostering deep bonds between dogs and families through trust, respect, and understanding.

Unwavering dedication to excellence in training, ensuring unparalleled canine guardianship.

Commitment to continuous innovation in canine security, setting industry benchmarks, not following.

our core values

Integrity, Expertise, Compassion small-dog-icon

At Trident, our ethos is shaped by steadfast integrity, exceptional expertise in canine training, and profound compassion. We dedicate ourselves to fostering enduring bonds between dogs and families, ensuring each pairing is rooted in mutual trust, understanding, and a deep sense of security. Our approach blends meticulous training with a heartfelt commitment to the well-being of both our dogs and their human companions.

Success Storiessmall-dog-icon

I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the exceptional service and the seamless three-day handover process provided by Trident Protection Dogs for our new guardian, Axel. As soon as we made the decision to invest in a protection dog, the team at Trident were nothing short of outstanding in guiding us through the entire journey.

Frank Kuipers - Holland

our founding story

from military roots to canine excellencesmall-dog-icon

Trident’s inception is rooted in Ashley Davis’ esteemed military service, evolving into a pioneering force in canine protection. His transition from battlefield tactics to elite dog training embodies a unique blend of discipline, expertise, and a profound commitment to safety and trust, establishing Trident as a leader in family protection services.

interested in joining our elite team?

Embark on a rewarding career with Trident, where your passion for exceptional canine training meets our dedication to excellence, innovation, and creating unbreakable bonds between dogs and families.