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Roy is no ordinary canine; he is an elite family protection dog trained at the highest level for the next available director’s role. With unparalleled skills in off-leash obedience and protection, Roy is prepared to face multiple attackers, armed assaults, home invasions, carjackings, and various other threats. His specialized training ensures he can provide the ultimate protection with a perfect blend of control and obedience, making him an invaluable member of any family or security team.

In Roy, one finds not just a guard dog, but a dedicated and highly skilled protector. His exceptional abilities set him apart as the ultimate protection dog, combining rigorous training in obedience and defense to deliver a level of security that is unmatched. Whether it’s a high-stakes situation or simply the need for unwavering safeguarding, Roy’s expertise and unwavering loyalty make him the ideal choice for individuals seeking the pinnacle of canine protection services.












Founded in 2015, Trident Elite is a leading provider of highly trained family protection dogs. Our mission is to ensure the safety and security of families and individuals by providing them with loyal and dependable canine companions who are trained to protect them at all times.

LEVEL ONE small-dog-icon

starting from £25,000

Our dogs receive extensive training in obedience on and off the lead, and in protection on the lead. They are trained to bite and release on command. Prices for Level One dogs start from £25,000 with Doberman and Cane Corso breeds starting from £30,000.

LEVEL TWO small-dog-iconsmall-dog-icon

starting from £30,000

Our Level Two dogs are fully trained in advanced obedience, both on and off the lead, and in protection, both on and off the lead. They can search a house or perimeter on command, hold intruders at bay, execute a long-distance attack, and return to the ‘close’ position on command. Additionally, they are trained to ‘watch’ on command and ‘out’ on command. Prices for Level Two dogs start from German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois starting from £30,000 Doberman and Cane Corso breeds start from £35,000.

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starting from £40,000

Our Level Three training is the most advanced level of dog training we offer, with full on and off lead obedience and protection training, as well as high levels of scenario work. We only provide five dogs per year at this level, and we encourage you to call us to discuss a Level Three package. Prices for Level Three German Shepherds start from £40,000 Doberman and Cane Corso breeds start from £50,000.

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starting from £65,000

Our director’s dog is an elite family protection dog that has been raised in our director’s home since a puppy. We tailor the training to the client’s specific needs and requests. Mainly of German shepherd breeds, our director’s dogs are from champion imported bloodlines or bred in-house from our elite protection dogs and raised until the age of 2. Trained fully off-leash in obedience and protection, with high-level scenario work carried out, ensuring the dog is proofed in every possible situation that may arise. Contact us for more information and pricing on our elite director’s dogs.


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Meet Ashley Davis, the exceptional head trainer at Trident Elite Family Protection Dogs. With a remarkable background in the British Army, Ashley has served in various hostile locations during his successful military career. Seeking a new challenge, he transitioned to the security industry and embarked on a journey that would showcase his expertise and passion for protecting others.

Driven by a desire to enhance his knowledge and skills, Ashley pursued a master’s degree in security and risk management. Armed with this invaluable academic foundation, he founded his own security company, which rapidly emerged as a leading security provider in the United Kingdom. Ashley’s company has earned a stellar reputation for supplying large numbers of highly trained K9 teams across the country.

But Ashley’s capabilities extend beyond K9 services alone. He specializes in close protection, offering elite bodyguard services to affluent and high-profile clients worldwide. Leveraging his experience and comprehensive understanding of real-life threats and risks, Ashley ensures that Trident provides top-of-the-line K9s to their esteemed customers.

Thanks to Ashley’s distinguished background, Trident firmly believes that they are a cut above the rest. His profound knowledge, coupled with his unrivaled ability to assess and address security concerns, sets Trident Elite Family Protection Dogs apart in the industry. Through Ashley’s leadership and expertise, Trident guarantees a level of service that surpasses expectations and delivers ultimate peace of mind to their valued clients.

Whether you require the finest trained K9 teams or elite personal protection services, Ashley Davis and his team at Trident Elite Family Protection Dogs are your trusted partners in ensuring the safety and security of you and your loved ones.

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I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the exceptional service and the seamless three-day handover process provided by Trident Protection Dogs for our new guardian, Axel. As soon as we made the decision to invest in a protection dog, the team at Trident were nothing short of outstanding in guiding us through the entire journey.

Frank Kuipers - Holland