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Have you ever experienced an unsafe situation in your home? Feel like a protection dog will help you feel more at peace and are you looking for a trained German Shepherd for sale? You’ve come to the right place. Get ready to talk about German Shepherds, one of the most known breeds of protection dogs – with good reason! 



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Trained German Shepherd for sale: what are the qualities of a protection dog?

If you’re thinking of buying a German Shepherd as a protection dog – or any other breed for that matter – it’s important to know what qualities to look for. Make sure that your potential protection dog has the following qualities. 

  • A good protection dog should have a balanced temperament. Confident, alert, and trainable, not overly aggressive or nervous. They should be naturally protective of their territory and family.
  • A protection dog is naturally vigilant and attentive to its surroundings. It should have a heightened awareness of potential threats and be quick to detect unusual or suspicious activities.
  • A protection dog should be well-socialised with people and other animals. Proper socialisation helps prevent aggression toward non-threatening people and situations.
  • Physically strong. Protection dogs are often strong and athletic, capable of quick movements and agile responses. They should have the physical ability to restrain or deter threats effectively. Consider the breed and size of the dog.
  • The dog should demonstrate clear protection skills. This includes barking on command, controlled aggression toward a target, and the ability to stop on command.
  • Courage is a crucial trait in a protection dog. It should be bold and fearless when faced with a threat, showing a willingness to confront and deter intruders or attackers.
  • Intelligence plays a key role in a protection dog’s effectiveness. It should be able to assess situations, differentiate between normal and threatening behaviour, and respond appropriately to commands.

At Trident, we have trained German Shepherds for sale that all feature these qualities. Your safety is our top priority.


Why German Shepherds?

At Trident, we have a number of protection dog breeds for sale that will effectively guard you and your family. German Shepherds are one of the most popular for protection for several reasons, which is why we have trained German Shepherds for sale. German Shepherds possess or are:

  • Intelligence and trainability. German Shepherds are renowned for their high intelligence and strong trainability. They excel in demanding roles such as police and military work, search and rescue, and service dogs.
  • Loyalty and bonding. German Shepherds form strong bonds with their owners and are known for their loyalty and devotion. They are protective of their families.
  • Family first. Despite their working background, German Shepherds can be wonderful family pets when properly trained and socialised. They are gentle and affectionate with children.

LEVEL ONE small-dog-icon

starting from £25,000

Our dogs receive extensive training in obedience on and off the lead, and in protection on the lead. They are trained to bite and release on command. Prices for Level One dogs start from £25,000 with Doberman and Cane Corso breeds starting from £30,000.

LEVEL TWO small-dog-iconsmall-dog-icon

starting from £30,000

Our Level Two dogs are fully trained in advanced obedience, both on and off the lead, and in protection, both on and off the lead. They can search a house or perimeter on command, hold intruders at bay, execute a long-distance attack, and return to the ‘close’ position on command. Additionally, they are trained to ‘watch’ on command and ‘out’ on command. Prices for Level Two dogs start from German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois starting from £30,000 Doberman and Cane Corso breeds start from £35,000.

LEVEL THREE small-dog-icon-blacksmall-dog-icon-blacksmall-dog-icon-black

starting from £40,000

Our Level Three training is the most advanced level of dog training we offer, with full on and off lead obedience and protection training, as well as high levels of scenario work. We only provide five dogs per year at this level, and we encourage you to call us to discuss a Level Three package. Prices for Level Three German Shepherds start from £40,000 Doberman and Cane Corso breeds start from £50,000.

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Reach out to Trident Elite’s dedicated team for in-depth, personalised guidance on selecting and training your ideal family protection dog. Our experts are here to assist every step of the way.

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I cannot express enough how thrilled I am with the exceptional service and the seamless three-day handover process provided by Trident Protection Dogs for our new guardian, Axel. As soon as we made the decision to invest in a protection dog, the team at Trident were nothing short of outstanding in guiding us through the entire journey.

Frank Kuipers - Holland