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Name: Zevs

Breed: German Shepherd

Level: 2

Meet Zevs, a remarkable 12-month-old bi-colour male German Shepherd who is currently undergoing family protection training. With his striking appearance and intelligent demeanor, Zevs is an exceptional candidate for those seeking a loyal and capable companion for personal security. He is a quick learner and adapts well to various situations, making him an ideal choice for individuals interested in level 2 and 3 protection training. Zevs has a natural instinct to protect his loved ones, and under the guidance of experienced trainers, he is honing his skills to provide unparalleled security and peace of mind to his future family. Whether you are looking for a devoted partner for personal protection or a loving addition to your home, Zevs is ready to embark on his next adventure.

Please note that reservations for Zevs are now being accepted for families interested in level 2 and 3 protection training.

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