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Name: Tate

Breed: German Shepherd

Introducing Tate, an exceptional 18-month-old Dutch Herder male who is an ideal candidate for our Level 2 protection dog program. With a natural instinct for protection, Tate possesses outstanding guarding abilities that make him a reliable companion. His training and temperament make him an excellent protector for individuals seeking enhanced security. Not only does Tate excel in protecting his owners, but he also possesses a gentle and friendly nature that extends to kids and other dogs. His calm and composed demeanor allows him to interact harmoniously with children, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Tate’s unique ability to walk off-lead through city centers reflects his exceptional level of discipline and obedience, making him a perfect fit for individuals who desire a trusted companion wherever they go.

In addition to his protection skills, Tate’s sociability and adaptability make him an excellent choice for a family environment. He is highly compatible with other dogs, fostering a sense of camaraderie and peaceful coexistence. Whether it’s accompanying the family on outings or participating in various activities, Tate possesses the necessary discipline and control to navigate city streets without the need for a leash. This level of trust and freedom allows for a seamless and enjoyable walking experience, showcasing Tate’s exceptional training and reliability. If you’re searching for a loyal, versatile, and well-behaved protection dog who thrives in urban environments and brings peace of mind, look no further than Tate.

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