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Name: Sin

Breed: Dutch Herder

Level: 2

Sin is a 10-month-old female Dutch herder based in the UK, currently undergoing intensive family protection dog training. With a natural talent for protection work, Sin is being prepared for level 2 training, showcasing her strong skills and instincts. Despite her rigorous training, Sin remains gentle and friendly, especially towards children and other dogs. Her ability to balance her protective nature with a sociable demeanor makes her an ideal choice for families looking for a reliable and trustworthy companion that can also offer strong protection.

Sin’s development in her training demonstrates her suitability for level 2 work, highlighting her intelligence and quick learning abilities. Her affinity for working closely with her human family members sets her apart as a dedicated and loyal protector. Sin’s exceptional skills in protection work combined with her friendly and sociable nature make her a well-rounded and versatile family protection dog, capable of providing security while also being a beloved member of the household.

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