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Name: Ranger

Breed: Cane Corso

Level: 1

Meet Ranger, a remarkable 7-month-old Cane Corso male who is currently undergoing rigorous family protection dog training. With his impressive size and strength, Ranger is a perfect fit for those seeking a level 1 or 2 protection dog. Despite his formidable appearance, Ranger has proven to be great with kids and other dogs, making him an ideal addition to a family environment. As Ranger continues his training, his innate capability to protect and defend his loved ones is being honed, ensuring that he becomes a reliable and loyal companion to those he calls his own.

Ranger’s size is truly awe-inspiring, which only serves to enhance his protective potential. As a Cane Corso, he belongs to one of the largest dog breeds, ensuring his mere presence acts as a deterrent to any potential threats. However, beneath his imposing stature lies a gentle and affectionate nature, making him a gentle giant who adores the company of both children and other canines. Ranger’s family protection training will not only further bolster his impressive skills, but it will also solidify his ability to differentiate between friend and foe, providing peace of mind to his family. Whether it’s level 1 or 2 protection that you seek, Ranger is the perfect match for those desiring a loyal and capable protector, alongside a loving and gentle companion.

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