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Name: Puma

Breed: Cane Corso

Level: 1

Meet Puma, the extraordinary female Cane Corso! At just 7 months old, Puma has embarked on a journey of family protection training, making her a perfect fit for level 1 or 2 training. Despite her intimidating size, Puma possesses a gentle nature that sets her apart. Standing tall and strong, she is a magnificent female Cane Corso with a stunning coat and a heart of gold. Puma’s exceptional protection skills make her an ideal choice for those seeking a loyal and reliable companion to safeguard their loved ones. With her excellent trainability and innate instincts, Puma is rapidly progressing through her training, showing immense promise as a formidable protector.

Underneath her powerful exterior lies a deeply affectionate and compassionate soul. Puma’s large frame is matched only by her huge heart, which she wears on her sleeve, as she showers her family with unwavering love and devotion. While Puma’s primary focus is family protection, her gentle nature shines through in her interactions with her human counterparts. She is adored for her ability to sense and understand the needs and emotions of those around her. Puma’s guardians can take solace in knowing that, not only is she a fierce protector, but also a loving and supportive member of the family. Whether embarking on a family adventure or safeguarding the home, Puma’s exceptional skill set and loving disposition make her an outstanding choice for anyone seeking the perfect blend of loyalty, protection, and gentle companionship.

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