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Name: Obie

Breed: Giant Schnauzer

Level: 2

Meet Obie, a charismatic and full-of-life 3-year-old giant Schnauzer male who has made impressive strides in his training and is now on the verge of completing his elite family protection program. Obie is a magnificent specimen, boasting a stunning salt-and-pepper coat and an intelligent gaze that captures the hearts of everyone he meets. Under the guidance of skilled trainers, he has learned to excel in various protection techniques, making him an ideal choice for families seeking an extra layer of security without compromising on the love and companionship only a dog can provide.

Obie’s level 2 training has provided him with a solid foundation in protective behaviours and obedience commands, ensuring that he can seamlessly integrate into any family setting. His natural instincts for guarding and protecting loved ones have been refined and honed, making him an exceptional companion who knows how to prioritise the safety of his family. Moreover, Obie’s gentle and affectionate nature makes him an extraordinary playmate for children, as he is quick to establish deep bonds built on trust and mutual respect. If you’re searching for a loyal, trained dog who embodies both protection and love, Obie is ready and eager to join your family.

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