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Name: Kiko

Breed: German Shepherd

Level: 3

Kiko is an impressive all-black male German Shepherd currently based in the UK. At just 8 months old, he already tips the scales at 45kg, showing remarkable growth and strength for his age. Kiko is a standout candidate for our Level 3 elite family protection dog package, as his size and demeanor make him a formidable protector. Despite his imposing stature, Kiko is amazingly gentle and friendly, especially towards children and other dogs. His ability to balance strength with a kind temperament makes him an ideal choice for families looking for both security and companionship.

With his striking black fur and exceptional size, Kiko embodies the classic image of a powerful yet graceful German Shepherd. He is not only physically imposing but also possesses a strong bond with people, particularly children, making him an excellent fit for a family environment. Kiko’s innate ability to be amazing with both children and other dogs sets him apart as a versatile companion who can provide protection and playfulness in equal measure. For families seeking a loyal and capable guardian, Kiko’s blend of size, strength, and gentle nature make him the perfect choice for our elite family protection dog package.

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