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Name: Kano

Breed: Dutch Herder

Level: 2

Kano, the magnificent 2.5-year-old male Dutch Herder, is a prized member of our level 2 elite family protection dogs. With his exceptional abilities and remarkable temperament, Kano is sought after for his unmatched skills in obedience, control, and protection. Despite his large size, Kano is incredibly gentle and loving, making him an ideal companion for families with children and other dogs.

Kanoโ€™s obedience surpasses expectations, showcasing his intelligence and willingness to please. He easily grasps commands and executes them flawlessly, impressing everyone who witnesses his obedience training. Furthermore, Kanoโ€™s extraordinary aptitude for protection ensures the safety of his family at all times. His keen senses and innate instincts make him highly perceptive to potential threats, making him an invaluable asset in safeguarding his loved ones and their property. Kanoโ€™s exceptional qualities, combined with his imposing presence, make him an exceptional choice for families seeking a loyal and well-rounded family protection dog.

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