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Name: Gringo

Breed: Doberman

Level: 1

Meet Gringo, a remarkable 12-month-old male Doberman who is currently undergoing family protection training. Gringo is a good-sized and physically impressive dog, boasting a strong and muscular build that is ideal for his protective role. Beyond his awe-inspiring appearance, Gringo is also highly socialized, making him a perfect addition to any family. He gets along remarkably well with other dogs of all sizes, as well as children of all ages. With his gentle nature and impressive capacity for bonding, Gringo is both an exceptional protector and a loving companion.

Gringo is available for level 1 or level 2 family protection training, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Whether youโ€™re looking for a dog who can provide a solid base of protection for your family or one who can take it to the next level, Gringo is the perfect candidate. With his exceptional temperament and ongoing training, he will surely become a loyal and dedicated guardian, offering you peace of mind and a strong sense of security. Donโ€™t miss out on the opportunity to welcome this outstanding Doberman into your home.

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