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Name: Fizzy

Breed: German Shepherd

Level: 2

Introducing Fizzy, the remarkable one-year-old female German Shepherd who possesses not only exceptional obedience skills but also an outstanding aptitude for protection work. Fizzy’s training extends beyond level 2 and 3 obedience, as she has demonstrated a natural talent for protecting and guarding. With her sharp instincts and heightened sense of awareness, Fizzy is unmatched when it comes to providing security and ensuring the safety of her family and surroundings.

In protection training, Fizzy exhibits a remarkable combination of intelligence, strength, and courage. Whether it’s defending against intruders, responding to potential threats, or alerting her owners to any unusual activity, Fizzy’s exceptional skills shine bright. She is known to be fully entrusted with assessing situations and taking the appropriate measures to ward off potential danger. With Fizzy by their side, her family can rest assured that they have an unparalleled protector who is always looking out for their well-being.

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