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Name: Dronko

Breed: German Shepherd

Level: 2

Meet Dronko, a remarkable 9-month-old male German shepherd hailing from the Czech Republic. With exceptional lineage and a strong pedigree, Dronko impresses as a standout young German shepherd displaying the qualities necessary for our family protection program. His intelligence, loyalty, and natural protective instincts make him an exemplary candidate for the task at hand. Dronko has astounded us with his progress and potential, showcasing his capabilities as one of the finest German shepherd pups we have ever encountered.

Dronko has already achieved significant milestones, earning recognition for his training accomplishments. Dronko is suitable for our level 2 and 3 programmes after showcasing his dedication and aptitude for advanced techniques and commands. His consistent growth and aptitude place him in a league of his own, promising a bright future as a loyal and devoted protector for any family fortunate enough to have him. With his impressive lineage and unwavering commitment to his training, Dronko continues to exceed expectations, solidifying his position as a top-tier German shepherd in both skill and potential.

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