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Name: Drako

Breed: Doberman

Level: 3

Drako, a remarkable 3-year-old male Doberman, is ready to make a lasting impact on your life. Having successfully completed his level 3 training, Drako showcases outstanding off-leash obedience skills and an innate sense of protection. Despite his imposing size, Drako is a gentle giant known for his exceptional interactions with children and other animals. With a loving demeanor and a fierce loyalty, Drako is the perfect companion for individuals or families looking to add a special four-legged member to their home.

Available for reservation now, Drako offers not only a strong and secure presence but also a heart full of warmth and affection. His impressive training background combined with his friendly nature makes him an ideal choice for those seeking a loving and loyal canine companion. Whether you’re looking for a faithful guardian or a playful friend for your children, Drako’s versatile personality and devoted spirit make him a truly unique addition to any home. Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome Drako into your life and experience the joy of having a well-trained and loving Doberman by your side.

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