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Name: Basil

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Level: 2

Basil is a remarkable 2.5-year-old male Belgian Malinois who was imported from Slovakia. Possessing a high level of off-lead obedience and protection training, Basil exemplifies intelligence and discipline in his work. Despite his intense training, Basil is also known for his gentle nature, making him great with children and other dogs. His unique background and skills set him apart as a loyal and well-rounded companion, capable of impressive feats yet always ready to play and interact with all members of the family.

Basil’s expertise in off-lead obedience and protection not only reflects his rigorous training but also highlights his deep intelligence and instinctual capabilities. His adaptability and friendly demeanor make him an ideal fit for households with children and other pets, as he effortlessly transitions between his protective instincts and playful interactions with those around him. Basil’s exceptional abilities and loving personality make him a cherished member of the family, bringing a sense of security, fun, and companionship that truly makes him stand out among his peers.

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