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Name: Bane

Breed: Doberman

Level: 2

Meet Bane, a remarkable 2-year-old male Doberman import. Bane is an exceptional family protection dog, making him a perfect fit for our level 2 and 3 programs. With his impressive skills, Bane is highly adept at providing a sense of security for his family. His off-leash obedience is truly outstanding, showcasing his ability to listen and respond to commands with precision. Baneโ€™s expertise also extends to protection, ensuring that his loved ones are safe and well-protected. While he excels in his role as a family guardian, it should be noted that Bane is best suited for families with older children.

With Bane by your side, you can trust that your family will be well-protected, both in and out of the home. Whether itโ€™s his unwavering loyalty or his impeccable obedience, Bane consistently demonstrates his exceptional qualities. His skills both on and off-leash make him a versatile asset to any family seeking an additional layer of security. Baneโ€™s strong suitability for our level 2 and 3 programs reflects his advanced training and impressive capabilities, ensuring that he will be a reliable and trustworthy companion for years to come.

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