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We can’t thank Trident enough for providing us with such a remarkable canine companion. She has brought immeasurable joy and peace to our lives.

Kevin Li, Philadelphia, USA


LEVEL ONE small-dog-icon

starting from £25,000

At Trident Elite, our Level One dogs are meticulously trained to master obedience both on and off the lead, coupled with specialised protection skills on the lead. They are adept at executing bite and release commands with precision, making them reliable protectors for any family. The pricing for these highly trained dogs begins at £25,000, with specific breeds like Dobermans and Cane Corsos starting from £30,000.

LEVEL TWO small-dog-iconsmall-dog-icon

starting from £30,000

The training for Level Two dogs at Trident Elite goes a step further, encompassing advanced obedience skills both on and off the lead, as well as comprehensive protection training in various scenarios. These dogs are adept at conducting house or perimeter searches on command, detaining intruders, executing long-distance attacks, and returning to their handler promptly. Additional commands like ‘watch’ and ‘out’ are also part of their repertoire. Prices for our Level Two German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois start from £30,000, while the Doberman and Cane Corso breeds begin at £35,000.

LEVEL THREE small-dog-iconsmall-dog-iconsmall-dog-icon

starting from £40,000

Our Level Three dogs represent the pinnacle of training at Trident Elite, offering the most advanced skills in both obedience and protection. They undergo extensive scenario work, preparing them for a wide range of real-life situations. This level of training is highly exclusive, with only five dogs available per year, emphasising their elite status. We recommend calling us to discuss the specifics of a Level Three package. The starting price for Level Three German Shepherds is £40,000, while Dobermans and Cane Corsos are priced from £50,000. These dogs are the ultimate choice for those seeking unparalleled protection and obedience capabilities.